Saturday, July 16, 2005

All my respect and admiration for the fighters of freedom in Bahrain

Friday, the 15th of July 2005. Fighters of freedom in Bahrain you will be remembered and let it be known to the world how honorable the Bahraini people are. As I sit here in America it burns my heart to see the pictures of my father beaten up by the riot police, but my chest is filled with pride. Not just because my father has dedicated his life to human rights but because of the Bahraini people.

Like any dictatorship, Bahrain is a land where the people are stepped on by the government. Although a country of oil and other natural resources Bahrainis suffer from poverty. Furthermore, they have no freedoms, speaking about your rights could mean risking everything.

Yet these Bahraini heroes choose to go out and join peaceful demonstrations. Where they demand their rights to have jobs, and to earn a decent living. Simply the right to speak up. In one word they demand their freedom. These people could sit in their homes and accept their bad fortune, or they could be violent. But they choose the peaceful solution, and they are patient.

With this determination and patience Bahrain will be free someday. The government will be overthrown. And even the American government will be slapped in the face for supporting such a tyranny. That day will come because nothing in the world is stronger than "the people".

Nothing in the world is stronger than people who are fighting for their rights. That is why my people will prevail, and the Alkhalifa government will fall.

I want to thank all those Bahrainis who sacrifice for the freedom of our beloved country, and I wish I could be with you.


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