Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Any good American is UnAmerican??

In their book "American Foreign Policy Since World War II" Hook and Spanier state that America reacts to foreign threats in two different ways. The first is external and it is the destruction of the enemy. The second however is internal, and that is violating civil liberties.

One way of doing that is labeling people. In the cold war, people who spoke against the American actions were accused of being Communists. Now Americans who are against US occupation of Iraq are labelled Unamericans. This makes it much harder for people to oppose the government. One example of this is Senator Dick Durbin who spoke out against what is happening in Guantanamo and said it reminded him of the Gulags. His comments were similar to those made by Amnesty International earlier. Dick Durbin was seen as a traitor to his country for making this statement, and after some days he was forced to apologize to America. To say the least, this method limits freedom of speech.

This topic reminds me of my professor in Bahrain, Colin. It reminds me of a song he used to play in his office. A song he sent me right before I came to the States. This song, by Ian Rhett, is about being labelled an Unamerican. I must warn you though it is addictive, once you play it, you will never stop. Click here for the song.


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