Thursday, July 28, 2005

tHe ChOsEn PeOpLe ??

Since I have come to America I have discovered something very disturbing about American beliefs. Not the belief of all Americans, but a belief of many. Alot of times when I get into discussions about American foreign policy with people, I expect that they see me as an equal. I discuss everything with them and it has disturbed me how in the end they would say this one comment. We would talk about Bush and I would try to explain how he is not in Iraq for democracy but for OIL. When I back up my opinions with facts, they would finally just say "Well you arabs dont believe in Democracy and freedom".

This happened today at a picnic for PLUS students and their freindship families. Us people, we just like being controlled and having someone on the top. A prof. had actually said that in class to us... that in some cultures democracy is not accepted, even the people who are being abused accept it and want it. This, they think, makes them special. It is the people of the democratic world who want freedom, and therefore they are special. The city on a hill.

The city on a hill.... sigh. Making everyone else lesser beings. Even animals know what freedom is, but us arabs we dont. When you try to explain to these people that America plays a big role in preventing us from our freedom, they proudly say they dont know much about that. The man went on to say that "Bush is a good guy because he thinks EVEN arabs are born with the want of freedom, but Bush is trying to draw an optimistic picture of arabs and muslims."

I see myself as a strong person and I have read and know enough to reply to his accusation. However what he said was like the sky falling on my head and I had to leave for awhile. I left him to talk to Lamya and tried to relax. As I came back I heard him saying to Lamya, "Please I want to ask you guys to treat Christians in your country better, dont behead them just because they are Christians".

I have never had ignorance and arrogance stare me in the face so bluntly!

Sometimes it is really hard to be a dreamer, just feels like there is so little hope.


Blogger Waffles said...

Little Hope... At least there is hope, and this little hope drives to to many amazing things in your life. This little hope may change your entire life, this little hope can keep you happy for the rest of your life. No matter how much hope there is, it is always good.

11:23 AM  
Blogger News Blog re-Blog Team said...

Hi Zainab!

Welcome to Bahrain's Blogosphere and the world of blogging. Its good to see you taking great strides and getting everyone to listen to your stance on US foreign policies.

Having met you a couple of years ago at a summer student exchange program, we are sure you're going to make the best grade in class. Good luck with everything in Belloit & have fun at Lewis & Clark.

Keep it Blogged!the News Blog re-Blog team

9:06 PM  
Blogger Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Hello Zainab, wecome to the expanding ranks of Bahraini blogs! I was thrilled to have found your blog by way of News re-Blog. I hope you concentrate on your studies and have fun in the States.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi Zainab,

As a Canadian conservative in America I know where you're coming from. There are a lot of strongly held beliefs in America right now. But the biggest problem in American politics, as far as I'm concerned, is the far left and far right being so sure that they're right and everyone else is wrong that they won't listen to the other side. I'm getting a lot of that from your blog, too.

So, by all means keep arguing your beliefs, but look in the mirror after you do your "America the imperialist, robbing your oil and natural resources, is the cause of all the problems in the world" bit. Narrow minds come from all parts of the world, not just the US South, despite what Oregon would have you believe.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Hi guys

thanx for your comments.

Richard you are totally right and I agree with you. There are narrow minds everywhere, and I actually came on this scholarship because I want to understand better. I dont claim that I have no prejudices but I hope being in America will help overcome any prejudices I have and make me look at things objectively.

Anyway, if you have comments about specific points I have made then I would love to discuss them with you.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Sissy Willis said...

President Bush's opponents on the left say it's all about oil, but -- especially post 9/11 -- it's more about helping our fellow human beings in the Middle East achieve freedom so they will no longer feel helpless and turn to terrorism to gain a sense of control over their lives.

Sissy Willis

7:14 AM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Hiya Sissy

I am actually reading alot about this and I will write something on this whole concept of moralizing American Foreign Policy. As soon as my finals are done I will be free to discuss this.

1:16 PM  

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