Tuesday, July 12, 2005

iRaQ iS aRaBiC 4 ViEtNaM!!

Reading about Vietnam for my midterm and pausing after every couple of sentences just to remind myself that I am reading about Vietnam and not Iraq. Thousands of Americans dead for a war that McNamara says was not necessary, in a country that was not fighting the fight of communism but nationalism. Fighting Ho, who thought of Jefferson as an idol. Any American can see how wrong that war was, and how immoral it was. But the dead will not come back.

More important are the victims of those thousands of American soldiers. Well, the victim of the American government. Yes, the millions of Vietnamese. 3 million Vietnamese died in an "Unnecessary war", that had no effect on the security of the United States. Yes these are numbers, but close your eyes and imagine just one scene in the vietnam war, think of one family who lost a father. If you are an American and cannot sympathize with a vietnamese, well think of an American family who lost a father.

The point is, is there anything we can do now?? The americans who died were sacrificed for a cause that was not just, and they had trusted their government. The vietnamese on the other hand died because of the brutal and imperialistic American foreign policy. However, couldn't one learn a lesson from the first Vietnam, to end the second one. The American people having gone through the first Vietnam war should have prevented a second one. After all, didn't the American people decide that the president had had too much power and lead an immoral war. Didn't they sign the War Powers Act in 1973. However, unfortunely, many fell in the same trap. And trusted a greedy government out of fear, a government that is willing to abuse its own people let alone people overseas. This historical amnesia Americans have must be cured or everyone will suffer.

Wasn't one Vietnam enough?? How many Americans and Iraqis have to die before Americans start chanting once again "NO MORE VIETNAM!"


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