Saturday, July 09, 2005


The world is gloomy, it is dark.

The sun shines, and the moon is radiant, but they cannot overcome the evil in this world. They look down and see a child looking up. Looking up with eyes wide open. Asking, why??

Why do people kill?
Why do they lie?
WHy do people starve?
Why do they die?

The sun keeps shining and the moon does too.

They shine. Yet, it is dark.

I can curse the dark...
But no,

I will light a candle.


Blogger Lamya said...

I gotta admit..after reading that all I wanna do is take those candles and burn them dictators up in their fancy mansions built with the sweat and blood of the population! okay i'll calm down now *blush*

12:21 AM  

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