Thursday, August 25, 2005


Today the topic in the house of lords in Britain was Bahrain. Although the Bahraini government tried to prevent this occasion it did happen and it proved to be very succesful.

A number of Bahraini human rights activists gave speeches on the deterioration of human rights in Bahrain and a video of one of the demonstrations was shown.

I would like to thank all the people who work hard to get our voice heard everywhere. And I would like to thank Lord Avebury who has been working with us and others for human rights for so long.

For those of you who speak arabic, this was broadcasted in AlJazeera news. Abdulla Hashim, trying to speak for the government, made some very weak accusations. Making it seem like Bahrain is a democracy and the people who are demonstarting peacefully are the ones who are aginst it.

Congrats to all the Bahrainis, we will make it one step at a time.


Blogger moodZ said...

A victory!? For Bahrain?! Can you please explain how would you see that as a victory?

The way I see it (and the way it always is for that matter); is that the government was kind enough to agree to a debate with the "so called" opposition on foreign soil (which is by the strike one for the "dictatorship"), in public and under live coverage from an Arabic/Worldwide TV channel (Strike Two).

And to the outside world this would seem like a very normal discussion between a democratic government and an opposition movement; which is natural and happens in every part of the world.

A victory you say? ًWe wish..

8:09 AM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Hiya Moodz

Read the newspapers in Bahrain and you will see that this is not something your "democratic" king wanted. The government did not "agree" to the debate or the coverage, and they trid to prevent it in every way possible.

I call it a victory because it is a step forward, the only thing that works with these dictators is outside pressure, especially that Bush is using Bahrain as the best example in the gulf.

If you're living a comfortable life, dont forget about the other Bahrainis who arnt.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Bahrania said...

I'm not quite sure what the defination of debate is in Bahrain - "we talk, you listen, you talk, we still do what we want". The opposition has been calling for a direct round-table debate with the King for the past 4 years...calls that have fallen on deaf ears.

I see this seminar as another peaceful means of protest. They accuse the opposition of violance bladdy-blah and yet they arn't even prepared to put up with seminars/protests/rallies and now even the existence of political societies. WTF...STRIKE KAZILLION...

Zainab dont worry, name-calling, questioning intentions, suspecting motives, conspiracy theories, are all cheap tactics sycophants resort to when all esle fails. Unfortunately in Bahrain some ppl deserve an award for it. Oh yeah and how could I forget, TREASON... this seminar is a betrayel to ur country...u could get beheaded for this in some countries.

You really couldn't have asked for better free publicity. And the seminar was a success before it began.

I'm off to a seminar on Taiwanese political parties, I doubt all this hulla-balloo will take up much page-space in the Taiwanese media.

8:22 AM  

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