Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lack of Identity

I was reading Chanads "Just Say No to Public Bumlicking" and as I was reading the comments I noticed one anonymous dude who said

"I dont know wich bahraini homes youve visited but ive seen quite a few who proudly display picture of the qeyada… its called patriotism
this article is exactly whats wrong with the arab world today… no solidarity no feeling of unity"


well what a coincidence, in my last "politics in the Middle East" class we were discussing lack of identity in the Middle East. The conclusion I reached from that class is that in some countries in the Middle East the problem is that the government treats a certain part of the population as outsiders, making them feel like they do not belong in that country. And to stop opposition they accuse those same people of being unpatriotic. The prof. gave examples of Iraq and Turkey.

How do governments make certain people into "the other", well 2 examples would be: 1) They favour other groups of citizens 2) through Education.

About Bahrain, well you cant really say that Shiites are treated equally with other Bahraini citizens. And how much do school books tell us about shiites?? The government is the one excluding the shiites from being part of the country. And then when people demand their rights, suddenly they are not patriotic!

The so-called king of Bahrain needs to know that if he wants Shiite Bahrainis to be "patriotic" he needs to treat them like citizens!


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