Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Disrupting the Demographic Makeup

As I was reading the Iraqi constitution I came across Article 18:

5th -- Iraqi citizenship may not be granted for the purposes of a policy of population settlement disrupting the demographic makeup in Iraq.

Thats exactly what Hamad is doing, trying to disrupt the demographic makeup in Bahrain. At first when I heard this I couldn't believe it. But then I saw the facts that supported this, and I saw the tape of Saudis talking about how easily they got the Bahraini citizenship. Evidently, a Shia majority in Bahrain is not in the interest of the Sunni government.

It took the Bahrainis of Iranian origin forever to get their citizenship, some still don't have it.
And others who were in exile lived without citizenship for years. I personally didn't have a citizenship or a passport until I was 18.

Getting a citizenship should be about being Bahraini, not about the kings interests. But it seems that as long as we are a monarchy under the dictator Hamad, its always going to be about the kings interest!


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