Monday, October 17, 2005

"Dude, Where's My Country?"

Its midterm break and it seems like there is no1 on campus. I am one of the few international students who cant afford to go home for a week, simply because our homes are half way round the world. I am not complaining for this gives me alot of time to read, and what did I start with, well "Dude, where's my country" By Michael Moore. If you're anywhere near my floor you would hear my laughter. I really liked the book and I didn't stop reading except to go eat french fries for fa6oor. Now that I am done I have to quote some of it, but I think everyone should read this book. It doesn't just have good information but is actually a lot of fun.

The laughing starts from the very first page when you see the letter that is suposedly issued by the US Department of Homeland Security. "FREEZE! DROP THE BOOK! HANDS IN THE AIR! YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO ... SCREW IT! YOU DONT HAVE ANY RIGHTS!!"

In the first chapter Moore explains what the US-approved Saudi Arabian model of good government is = stronghand oppression while giving the west what it needed. When reading this first chapter there are many eye openers. I mean seriously I scribbled all over the margins "DAMN! NOWAY! MA2SAAA" You will find out what kinds of things the Americans had planned in Afghansitan and what prevented it, in all details.

In the second chapter Michael brings to light all the lies told by the Bush administration. But his style differs from other writers, as usual. Michael says these lies are like Whoppers, and then he lists all the lies as whoppers. One with cheese, and one with french fries and so on. If you read one chapter out of this book it should be chapter 2.

"George W. Bush likes his whoppers, too. His are Huge. Texas-sized. ... ANd the American people gobble them up. One whopper after another." (p43)

" There were never any chemical or biological weapons - other than the ones we gave Saddam in the 1980's, the ones he used on the Kurds and the ones he used on the Iranians ..." (p48)

"But the United States never gave a rats ass about how badly Saddam the dictator treated his own people. ... In fact we like dictators! They help us get what we want..." (page58)

Michael totally makes fun of the freedom fries thing, commenting that, by the way, french fries are not even French, they are Belgian. HAHA

When talking about the coalition fo the willing, Michael renames them "The Coalition of the Coerced, Bribed and Intimidated" (p73)

One of the lies listed under Junior whopper kids Meal is that the American gov. is doing everything they can to avoid the loss of civilian lives.

"The pentagon brags about how ... no civilians need die. Tell that to the family of Razek al-Kazem al-Khafaji, who lost his wife, six children, his father, his mother and two brothers in one attack. "God take our revenge on America," he wailed to reporters amid the rubble and body parts. Wow, what an ingrate!" This book is filled with Moores sarcastic comments.

In the United States of Boo (ch. 4), Michael deals with fear in American society. "Irrational fear" he states "is a killer". The patriot act is as un-American as Mein Kampf" (p104)

"September 11 is now the answer. ... Want a new waepons system? Have to have it! Why? Well...9/11! Want to relax the pollution laws? Its a must! Why? 9/11! Want to outlaw abortion? Absolutely! Why? 9/11! What does 9/11 have to do with abortion? Hey, why are you questioning the government? Someone call the FBI!" (p. 113)

HAHA I really laughed at that one

WHy dont we define Osama as multi millionaire? the author asks. Instead of defining him as an arab and a Muslim.

"Instead of rounding up suspicious Arabs, why dont we say, "Oh my God, a multi-millionaire killed 3,000 people! Round up the multi-millionaires! Throw them all in jail! No charges! No Trials! Deport the millionaires!" (p.116) hehe Gotta love Michael Moore. :)

Chapter 6 is a letter from God:
" Lets get this straight - God dont't bless America, God dont bless anyone. Go bless yourselves and quit using my name as a justification for feeling superior to everyone else. You arn't. (p134-135)

Michael nominates Oprah Winfrey for next president. Amongst other things, Moore points out that "she'd get us all reading a book a month! ("Good evening. This is your president. This month we are all going to read...")" (p207)

You hafta read this book, I've never read a book about politics that is so entertaining. It's good I got my own copy. :)


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I am glad you enjoyed Michael Moore ao much. He manages to see find the humour it the depressing state of the "Great Republic". His movie, Bowling for Columbine, which humourously explores the insanity of the American love of guns, was on TV lately. He had to go to a Canadian Company to get it made. Visit is web site occasionally.

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