Sunday, October 09, 2005

A future US president

After eating our fa6oor me and some of the guys usually go and hang out at the Java Joint, which is kinda like a student coffee house. As we were sitting there drinking our tea a guy came in who looked like a younger Abe. Seriosly he even had a little beard and everything. My friends told me that this guy could draw the map of the whole world of the top of his head. I didn't believe it so I had to go ask.

He seemed very happy to show off his talent and asked me

"Do you want the whole world or a specific region?"
Ofcourse I told him "the Perisan Gulf."

He started drawing staright away. A very detailed map, I was amazed. After he was done he asked me where I am form, when I said Bahrain, he pointed it out on the map and asked casually "Manama?"

I looked around me and a small group had gathered to take a look, some1 asked him why he doesn't work for the CIA, and he said, just as casually "I'm gonna become president", To me that meant ENTERTAINMENT. SO I was the first to ask "WHats your foreign policy Mister president?"

"I will first of all issue apologies, an apology to Iraq, and an apology to Iran and to Afghanistan. I would let the arabs get rid of their monarchies, and then they can be a big Arabia. with no borders" As he said this he started erasing the borders he had drawn on his map. Making all the gulf one country and writing ARABIA in the middle. "And also I would treat the zionists and the Palestinians equally. I would rather not sell weapons at all, but if I do I would sell an equal amount to both"

"Man you'll never be president, the zionist lobby will make sure of it".
"No dont worry, I'm half Jewish, they wont know, I'll make fake promises then when I'm president, things will go my way"

hmmmmm, the guy has everything planned out. I started liking the map he was making with the new world he would help create. He went on to give chechnya independence and the kurds. Making borders wherever he saw fit and erasing the borders he didn't think are necessary.

Before I left this guy he signed his map handed it to me and said, "when I'm president you can come and visit me in the white house" :)

Come on guys don't be pessimists, after all he does look like Lincoln :p


Blogger Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

What a fascinating encounter. I wonder in he could draw Nunavut, Canada.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Lamya said...

Zainab i had watering eyes reading that. but then i we really need the american president to unite us? sadly looking at rthe status quo..yes...i wish we could do it alone though.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

yeah Lamya

I had the same feeling, I wish we could just take a map and unite the arabs. Isn't the what they did in Sykes-Picot, take a map and divide us??

you already know that no US president will really unite us, so its up to us.

4:14 PM  
Blogger jimmmy said...

"I will first of all issue apologies, an apology to Iraq, and an apology to Iran and to Afghanistan. I would let the arabs get rid of their monarchies, and then they can be a big Arabia. with no borders"

yes, because all arabs are victims. they can't solve problems on their own. they need help. they are not men. they are not women. they NEED HELP to determine how their lives will be run. THEY NEED HELP to decide whether to be a doctor or a trash collector or a housewife. THEY NEED HELP to wonder what to think the nature of freedom is. THEY NEED HELP to decide whether dreamer should be stoned in the public square for thought crimes. THEY DON'T NEED HELP in deciding that dreamer shouldn't decide her own fate, or publish her own thoughts in her own country or region. THEY DO NOT NEED HELP in deciding what jail dreamer belongs in, should she feel brave enough to voice her concerns in her home country (she does not). SHE DOES NOT end the diatribes villifying the country that allows herself to say what she wants, meanwhile, critisizing the very state that brings her those freedoms. "hypocrite" should be the title of this blog.

1:18 AM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...


Hi Jimmy

3:43 PM  

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