Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gloom and Doom

On Monday night there was a talk on Campus by my prof. Beth Dougherty about Iraq. She mentioned some facts that I did not really know about or had not thought of before and I thats why I want to share them with you.

About Saddams trial, she mentioned that it was viewed by many as being the victors justice. In her opinion the trial must go on, not because there is a chance that Saddam is innocent but to show the Iraqis how a fair judicial system works. That is why the rule of law must be conveyed. However, the larger purpose is that the trial is a historical record for society. This trial should be the proof of all Saddams crimes, so that nobody in the future can say that there is not enough proof that Saddam is guilty.

However she did not deny that there are elements that make the trial somewhat illegitimate. One is that the Americans are the ones who wrote the first copy of the statute. Giving the US a dominant role. This leads some to believe that it was written to further US interests. This becomes obvious when you read in the statute that only Iraqis who commited crimes will be tried. Usually in statutes it would say that any crimes committed in this region during a certain period would be taken to court. However the Americans made sure that it said only Iraqis were to be punished for any crimes commited in Iraq during Saddams rule.

It is important to mention that because of the death penalty there is no International involvement in the trial. Therefore making it totally in the control of the Americans. The American government pays for the trial and they are the ones who did all the training and the workshops for the judges and the lawyers.

Beth concluded by saying that the statutes must be amended. Generally she thinks that the US should have never gone to war. Now that they have, they made many mistakes that dug them deeper and deeper. At the present time there are no good options in her opinion. Instead there are a series of bad options and the US must try to choose the best of bad options, which is to withdraw. This is humpty dumpty, and it will not be put back together again, she said. The future is filled with gloom and doom, where her final words.


Blogger Waffles said...

That talk seems to be very interesting. Im not really against or for the trail of Saddam, in my own opinion, i do not see it going anywhere. It just like a fasion show or something.

The Iraqis want some actions takken straight away. I see the trail going on for a long time, and no true outcome will come out of it. This will make the Iraqis very unpleasent, and may clearly destroy any communication done between the USA and Iraq.

Well, the Iraqis showed suspect that nothing will happen out of this trail, and that it is all just a movie.

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