Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Since I came here I got back into my old habit that i used to have in Denmark. And thats crossing out Israel on all the maps in my book and writing Palestine. It might be silly but seeing Israel written on the occupied territory makes me want to explode.

Moreover, if I am talking to someone and they say Israel I would get offended. In my discussions I talk about the occupied territory of Palestine, inhabited by zionists.

I will not accept Israel as a state because it is not a legitmate one. And once we accept it we might as well not fight for our land that was taken by the zionists.

Today i was talking to a Palestinian student here and he made me reach a dead end where there is no hope whatsoever. He was telling me to accept Israel because there is no hope of us getting that land back. I was shocked that he would say something like that.

Z. "Come on, the arabs will rise soon, and then we will free Palestine"

P. "The Arabs... HA. what do you think it will take for them to rise???"

Z. "Well there will be a revolution, we will get rid of our bad governments and then we will fight the zionists"

P. "We said the same, Zainab come on! We have intifadas in Palestine and the arabs... they march. They march around the block and then they go home. We finally accepted that no arabs are going to fight for Palestine. When the Americans invaded Iraq, thats when we were hopeful again. We said Now... Now the arabs will rise. Finally. But they did not. Dont talk of arabs, the arabs are on their knees and they wont stand up. If they were going to, now would be the time, the Palestinians are being killed, look what happened to the Iraqis.
the Arabs are known for their generosity though, they welcomed American fleets into their countries.

Z. "Come on, there is hope You think it will just go on like this?"

P. "It has been going on for a very long time and the arabs are used to it."

Yes what he said is logical but I refuse to give up hope, and to me there is no Israel on the map. As for the occupied territory, we will take it back.


Blogger bahroot said...

Hi there, you have got great writtings around your blog. I could learn some. Anyhow, for your information and your friend there!! There will be a revolution but it won't start by the arabs (I ensure you that). This last revolution will not happen over night, OH NO. Instead this revolution has been and still is being prepared slowly behaind the scenes and the funny but true part is that the arabs know that this future coming revolution will happen sp,eday, but instead of helping to prepare, they are making it look and sound bad through spreading wrong propagandas deliberately a.k.a Helal el She3ee. I don't mean any disrespect!! I promies, and I hope you keep your sight on the east instead of middle east ;)

2:28 PM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Hi Bahroot

Any revolution that will give people their rights is good. I dont care if this revolution is arab or non-arab, shiite or sunni. I'm just tired of seeing people being abused and taking it instead of doing something about it.
But you can uderstand that as an arab I want my people to fight for their rights as well.

I have hope...

And I'll keep an eye on the east :)

8:33 PM  

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