Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jewish Fundamentalists

Everyone is always talking about Muslim Fundamentalists. Actually most people think that these two words go together now. Maybe we need to make them into one word since they are so inseperable... musfundi or something. That will make it much easier for everyone.

While the musfundi's are mentioned EVERYWHERE, the Jewish fundamentlists are unknown to the world. I am writing a paper on "israeli" Fundamentalists and I read things that I couldn't even believe. I mean as a highschool student I used to scrible on all my papers "Zionism = Nazism" but I never thought that they had this much in common.

So there is this group called the Gush, and they have alot of power and control in the occupied territory. This group believes that Jews are the chosen people, yeah I know you all know that. But did you know that they believe that Jews were made as an end in themselves, but everybody and everything else was made for them. The Jews are Gods partners and they are physically different than the rest of us. Their bodies are different and they have different blood. The Jewish blood is sacred. Because of that they can kill Palestinians but they as jews should not be killed.

They also believe that if they are powerful on earth, that makes God happy, and if they are weakened then that is failing God. And therefore they have to be powerful to glorify God. They say that for the time being Palestinians can live on the occupied land but only if they accept that they are inferior, otherwise they should be killed.

Their aim is that Zionists must continue settling until they have control over "Eretz Israel" which extends from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan River. They also oppose any peace negotiations, Yitzhak Rabin was killed by one of them (not that we mind). Furthermore they do not believe in democracy and they see the current government as illegitimate, they want a Jewish theocracy.

If you want more information read "Jewish Fundamentalism in "israel"" by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky. The authors are jews, they say in the preface "This book is a jouney of understanding - often painful, often dreary, often disturbing - for us as Jews"


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