Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Trip To Madison

The new face of Bahrain??!

When me and my fiance Wafi realized how bored we would be by staying on Campus in Beloit, we decided to rent a car and travel around. Beloit by the way is what we call "The Village", if you have seen the movie you would know what I mean. There is nothing here, except a Walmart a Macdonalds and a shoestore. Or at least thats what it feels like :p

Anyway one of the places we went to was Madison, it was very nice there. We found an arabic restaurant, we went in as fast as we could and ordered. For some reason all the arab restaurants I have been to in America have only halal lamb. I dont know what the secret is but thats always the answer. "Is your meat halal?"... "Only the lamb."

But whats even more funny is that when we were driving to the Oregon Coast, we stopped by a fast food place and my Jordanian friend insisted that this fast food place was owned by a muslim and they have halal meat. So she went ahead and asked "Is you meat halal", the girl looked at her blankly... so my freind continued "Is your meat Kosher". The answer was "No ma'am its grilled". The minute we were out of that door we exploded with laughter.

Anyway back to Madison, when we left the restaurant we met a group of men who said hello. Not surprisingly their first question was "where are you guys from?" I said "Bahrain" and took a deep breath to start explaining where that is. As usual thinking, how can I explain it without mentioning Saudi Arabia. To my surprise one guy said "OHHHHHHHHH Bahrain". I was amazed....
"You KNOW Bahrain??"
"Really??" I was still in shock
"Yes, thats where Michael Jackson is, isn't it"

That was really a slap in the face, thats all he knows about Bahrain....

I came across global souls blog where she said :

"I guess now the new F1 circuit should make Bahrain more recognizable. However, just to set the record straight, I have to say that neither Shakira’s song, nor the runaway princess, nor F1 which are all true “phenomena” are accurate depictions of Bahrain."

I would like to add Michael Jackson to that list!


Blogger global soul said...

Salam Zainab. Thanks for dropping by. Great blog you have here...interesting insights! but hey..Don’t be a dreamer. Be a dream Maker! ;-)

1:39 AM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Hiya Global Soul

thats what I'm doing here in the states, trying to be a dream maker, if i was just a dreamer I would've never come. I love Bahrain too much :)

take care

9:28 AM  

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