Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wake up!

Are the days of Arab Nationalism over??

Every time I mention Arabs being united I realize that poeple think of it as a failed experiment. One response was "leave it in the past". Another was by my Politics prof. "those days are gone". It seems that because the representatives of Arab nationalism in the past were loosers who went down and took the arabs down with them that the whole idea is gone forever.

Every politics class the "arab humiliation" is mentioned, we sit there and we are humiliated. Especially that there are Zionists in our class. Whenever the prof. starts talking about the arabs, I always seem to be looking down at my table. Come on seriously have we done anything to be proud of in the last... say 50 years at least??

We were divided and occupied by the French and the British, when they were having trouble back home they handed us to arab allies of theirs. Those allies became our new masters, the people still being slaves. And then its the Americans turn. Until today we are still living under "democtaric" kings, or fake "presidents"(Yemen) Until today we are still colonies, except now we can be proud to call ourselves "neo-colonies".

Is it true that we have been slaves for so long that we will no longer demnad our rights? That the people will not be united in a revolution someday that will bring us back our honour. I do not think arabs are superior to anybody else, and I am against that kind of nationalism. However I am totally against the arab populations being in such a pathetic situation. Not only do we not help ourselves but we help our enemies!

Not only did we fail to protect Palestine, but we welcome the American fifth fleet into our land. When will we wake up, if ever? When will poeple have hope instead of humiliation in their chests?


Blogger nibaq said...

History is written by the winners. Are you saying you are a loser?

5:58 PM  
Blogger Zainab Alkhawaja said...

Hi Nibag

I dont know where I have said this here. However since I do usually say that I will respond.

History is written by the winners is not meant to make the winners proud.

For example, the history of America is written by the puritans who won and massacred the natives. This does not make the puritans a great people, it juts makes them winners in taking the land and therefore they can write history and lie about what really happened.

I dont know how you understand it and what exactly you are trying to ask. But in a situation like this I would rather be the victim "the loser" rather than be a winner who got what they have by stealing from others.


7:50 PM  

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