Friday, December 02, 2005

The Walk of Support

With a few supporters the walk begins
More people join
The picture speaks for itself
Abdulhadi gives his speech outside Moosa's house

Today at three Abdulhadi Alkhawaja started his walk of pride and appreciation of Moosa Abd ALi. He started walking from Daih and his final destination was Moosa's house in 3ekr. In the same morning Abdulhadi had arrived from Egypt, a trip which he had cut short after hearing of the news.

As he walked and passed through different villages Abdulhadi was joined by others who wished to show their support of Moosa. About 3 hours later when they reached Moosa's house they were more than 4000 supporters. At this point Abdulhadi gave a short speech where he said that "we are against violence, and we don't need to be violent". He stressed on unity, and ended his talk by saying that "Moosa is a symbol of all the oppressed"
Abdulhadi will continue his hunger strike, and tomorrow he will walk to the Royal Court.
For more pics click here
To watch a video of the event (with an interesting choice of music) click here


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