Monday, December 26, 2005

What was NOT in the newspapers

Shouldn't we ask why all these people came to the airport?
And why is this old woman is angry at the police?

These pictures were not in our newspapers.

It was not surprising what the Bahraini newspapers chose to publish this day about what happened in the airport. SHeikh Sanad was arrested at the aorport because he said that there must be a public poll taken on the legitimacy of the Bahraini Government in Bahrain. THe Bahraini government considered this as "inciting hatred against the government" which as I remember was one of the sentences usually used against my father as well.

After the arrest people went to the airport to find out what happened to the sheikh and to demand his release. There was a big crowd but no violence, people were just waiting to see what happened. Until the riot police came and attacked the peaceful protesters. Eye witnesses say that a pregnant woman was amongst those who got beaten up. The riot police attacked not only with thier clubs on the protesters backs. But they also used tear gas and rubber bullets. Most people started running outside trying to escape, while some stayed and fought back.

Now, I am against violence and I think that even when beaten up the protesters shouldn't retaliate. However, why don't our newspapers, for once, tell the story like it is. Even Alwasat only published the governments statement. That is not how a "free media" works. It is very clear that if one wants to know the truth, the Bahraini newspapers is the last place to look.


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