Friday, July 29, 2005

My TrEaSuRe: My FaMiLy

Mama, Baba, Fatima, Maryam, Lula and Waffooy.... I miss you.

In the words of Siavash (In his song, Deltangi):

"khayli vakteh ke delam, baraye to tang shoda, qalbam az dooriya tu, badjouri diltang shoudeh"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

tHe ChOsEn PeOpLe ??

Since I have come to America I have discovered something very disturbing about American beliefs. Not the belief of all Americans, but a belief of many. Alot of times when I get into discussions about American foreign policy with people, I expect that they see me as an equal. I discuss everything with them and it has disturbed me how in the end they would say this one comment. We would talk about Bush and I would try to explain how he is not in Iraq for democracy but for OIL. When I back up my opinions with facts, they would finally just say "Well you arabs dont believe in Democracy and freedom".

This happened today at a picnic for PLUS students and their freindship families. Us people, we just like being controlled and having someone on the top. A prof. had actually said that in class to us... that in some cultures democracy is not accepted, even the people who are being abused accept it and want it. This, they think, makes them special. It is the people of the democratic world who want freedom, and therefore they are special. The city on a hill.

The city on a hill.... sigh. Making everyone else lesser beings. Even animals know what freedom is, but us arabs we dont. When you try to explain to these people that America plays a big role in preventing us from our freedom, they proudly say they dont know much about that. The man went on to say that "Bush is a good guy because he thinks EVEN arabs are born with the want of freedom, but Bush is trying to draw an optimistic picture of arabs and muslims."

I see myself as a strong person and I have read and know enough to reply to his accusation. However what he said was like the sky falling on my head and I had to leave for awhile. I left him to talk to Lamya and tried to relax. As I came back I heard him saying to Lamya, "Please I want to ask you guys to treat Christians in your country better, dont behead them just because they are Christians".

I have never had ignorance and arrogance stare me in the face so bluntly!

Sometimes it is really hard to be a dreamer, just feels like there is so little hope.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Make-up and Hunger

Are you one of those people who think the big problems in the world are impossible to solve. Problems like hunger for example. Well take a look at this:

Annually $18 billion is spent on Makeup, $12 billion is needed to have reproductive health care for all women!!!

$17 billion is spent on pet food in Europe and the US, $19 billion is needed for the elimination of hunger and malnutrition!!!

$15 billion is spent on perfumes, and $5 billion is needed to achieve universal literacy!!!!

$14 billion is spent on ocean cruises, only $10 needed to supply clean drinking water for all!!!

Finally $11 Billion is spent on Ice cream in Europe, only $1.3 billion is needed to immunize every child in the world!!!

I got this information from a book titled "State of the World" by the Worldwatch Institute.


Isn't it sad that so much is spent on luxury items, while there are so many problems in the world.

Can you see how easily so many of these problems can be solved. All these luxury items are not vital. Theoreticaly if all women decided not to wear make up for a year they could solve the hunger and malnutrition problems.

It is important to note here also that the people using these luxury items live mostly in countries who have abused and stolen from others. America and Europe are imperialists who steal other countries natural resources, and can therefore afford these things. Therefore the problems in our part of the world are direct results of their actions. So unequal division of economic prosperity is not something natural, it is the result of imperialism!!


Today 13 people died in Yemen in demonstrations because of the rise in the oil prices. 13 people, simply shot dead. One of these people is a 12 year old boy. The government claims that these people are creating unrest and are being unconstitutional and they were shooting at the police. Why then are there no police dead??? Why are all the 12 who died citizens. If they are islamic findamentalists who are being violent, why then did a 12 year old boy die.

These arab governments all work in the same way, and they have learned form the biggest liar. Yes.... BUSH! They do whatever they want and then cover it up and flip the whole story around. Killing poor people who are simply demanding their rights, and then talking about laws and the constitution.

To hell with you and your fake constitutions!!!!

Check my Yemeni friends blog.... where she writes about this in more detail.

The Oregonian

"Classroom with a World View" an article in the Oregonian

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Any good American is UnAmerican??

In their book "American Foreign Policy Since World War II" Hook and Spanier state that America reacts to foreign threats in two different ways. The first is external and it is the destruction of the enemy. The second however is internal, and that is violating civil liberties.

One way of doing that is labeling people. In the cold war, people who spoke against the American actions were accused of being Communists. Now Americans who are against US occupation of Iraq are labelled Unamericans. This makes it much harder for people to oppose the government. One example of this is Senator Dick Durbin who spoke out against what is happening in Guantanamo and said it reminded him of the Gulags. His comments were similar to those made by Amnesty International earlier. Dick Durbin was seen as a traitor to his country for making this statement, and after some days he was forced to apologize to America. To say the least, this method limits freedom of speech.

This topic reminds me of my professor in Bahrain, Colin. It reminds me of a song he used to play in his office. A song he sent me right before I came to the States. This song, by Ian Rhett, is about being labelled an Unamerican. I must warn you though it is addictive, once you play it, you will never stop. Click here for the song.


My roots,
My roots are so deep into this land,
so intertwined into the soil.
Leaving this soil would mean instant death
the instant death of my soul
for Bahrain is my soul
as long as i believe in Bahrain
and I believe in the survival of its palm trees
in the strength of their roots
I will always be alive
and Bahrain
Bahrain will always be my pearl

Saturday, July 16, 2005


All my respect and admiration for the fighters of freedom in Bahrain

Friday, the 15th of July 2005. Fighters of freedom in Bahrain you will be remembered and let it be known to the world how honorable the Bahraini people are. As I sit here in America it burns my heart to see the pictures of my father beaten up by the riot police, but my chest is filled with pride. Not just because my father has dedicated his life to human rights but because of the Bahraini people.

Like any dictatorship, Bahrain is a land where the people are stepped on by the government. Although a country of oil and other natural resources Bahrainis suffer from poverty. Furthermore, they have no freedoms, speaking about your rights could mean risking everything.

Yet these Bahraini heroes choose to go out and join peaceful demonstrations. Where they demand their rights to have jobs, and to earn a decent living. Simply the right to speak up. In one word they demand their freedom. These people could sit in their homes and accept their bad fortune, or they could be violent. But they choose the peaceful solution, and they are patient.

With this determination and patience Bahrain will be free someday. The government will be overthrown. And even the American government will be slapped in the face for supporting such a tyranny. That day will come because nothing in the world is stronger than "the people".

Nothing in the world is stronger than people who are fighting for their rights. That is why my people will prevail, and the Alkhalifa government will fall.

I want to thank all those Bahrainis who sacrifice for the freedom of our beloved country, and I wish I could be with you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

iRaQ iS aRaBiC 4 ViEtNaM!!

Reading about Vietnam for my midterm and pausing after every couple of sentences just to remind myself that I am reading about Vietnam and not Iraq. Thousands of Americans dead for a war that McNamara says was not necessary, in a country that was not fighting the fight of communism but nationalism. Fighting Ho, who thought of Jefferson as an idol. Any American can see how wrong that war was, and how immoral it was. But the dead will not come back.

More important are the victims of those thousands of American soldiers. Well, the victim of the American government. Yes, the millions of Vietnamese. 3 million Vietnamese died in an "Unnecessary war", that had no effect on the security of the United States. Yes these are numbers, but close your eyes and imagine just one scene in the vietnam war, think of one family who lost a father. If you are an American and cannot sympathize with a vietnamese, well think of an American family who lost a father.

The point is, is there anything we can do now?? The americans who died were sacrificed for a cause that was not just, and they had trusted their government. The vietnamese on the other hand died because of the brutal and imperialistic American foreign policy. However, couldn't one learn a lesson from the first Vietnam, to end the second one. The American people having gone through the first Vietnam war should have prevented a second one. After all, didn't the American people decide that the president had had too much power and lead an immoral war. Didn't they sign the War Powers Act in 1973. However, unfortunely, many fell in the same trap. And trusted a greedy government out of fear, a government that is willing to abuse its own people let alone people overseas. This historical amnesia Americans have must be cured or everyone will suffer.

Wasn't one Vietnam enough?? How many Americans and Iraqis have to die before Americans start chanting once again "NO MORE VIETNAM!"

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Sometimes when you feel isolated, when u feel like you are screaming but nobody can hear your cries. When everything seems hopeless, you find a friend. Someone who knows exactly how you feel, simply because they feel the same way too.


The world is gloomy, it is dark.

The sun shines, and the moon is radiant, but they cannot overcome the evil in this world. They look down and see a child looking up. Looking up with eyes wide open. Asking, why??

Why do people kill?
Why do they lie?
WHy do people starve?
Why do they die?

The sun keeps shining and the moon does too.

They shine. Yet, it is dark.

I can curse the dark...
But no,

I will light a candle.