Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Real Jews

After reading this book I was shocked by the conflicts between Jews, and well other Jews. Each claiming to be the real Jews. First you have the zionist jews and the anti-zionist jews. It's not the way we think of anti-zionist, they are not pro-palestinain (although there are some pro-palestinain jews) . They are anti-zionist because simply they are anti-secular. At the same time the secular zionists seem to despise the ultra-orthodox Jews, the Haredi. Also, amongst those categories, there are the Ashkenazi Jews (from european descent) and the saphardic Jews. These different groups all claim to be real Jews. and throughout the book they accuse each other of being like the Nazis. It is actually very complicated and by the time you finish reading the book you feel that there is real chaos. Before reading this book I had no idea of how serious and complex the situation is. Now I understand why they still don't have a written constitution.

Its the Media, STUPID!

In a series of talks this week, John Nichols came to speak to us yesturday. I had to go because it was about the American media and I blame the media for all the ignorance in America. Nichols is a writer who is mainly concerned with the media problem in the US.

In his talk he compared the media in America to the media in Europe. "We ask ourselves why the rest of the world didn't react to to 9/11 the way we did, well because they know the world better, we don't". He went step by step to explain the laws that had existed in America to protect the media, and how these laws were thrown out one by one. Because these laws are gone, we now have a media in America that is controlled by 5 major companies, he said.

He went on to say that the news in America has degraded from a search for truth to mere entertainment. He asked the audience how many knew about O.J. SImpson and Michael Jacksons trial, and they all did. Then he asked them if they knew which law was being passed by congress the day they were all glued to their tv sets to check if Jackson was guilty or not. Nobody did.

He also made the obvious points about how Americans fell for the relationship between Osama and Saddam, and the WMD's. He says "it was the media's job to tell the Americans the truth when the president was lying. Instead they supported the lies and by doing so they hurt us".

John had written a book titled "Its the Media, Stupid". Nichols new book is titled "Tragedy and Farce: How the American Media sell wars, spin elections, and destroy democracy". This book has been described as "an appeal to reason in a dark time".

I got to chat with John after his talk, he has hope and thinks there will be changes soon. I sure do hope he is right. He gave me his copy of the new book and I'm looking forward to reading it.

If you want to know more, check out John Nichols blog, The Online Beat.

Gloom and Doom

On Monday night there was a talk on Campus by my prof. Beth Dougherty about Iraq. She mentioned some facts that I did not really know about or had not thought of before and I thats why I want to share them with you.

About Saddams trial, she mentioned that it was viewed by many as being the victors justice. In her opinion the trial must go on, not because there is a chance that Saddam is innocent but to show the Iraqis how a fair judicial system works. That is why the rule of law must be conveyed. However, the larger purpose is that the trial is a historical record for society. This trial should be the proof of all Saddams crimes, so that nobody in the future can say that there is not enough proof that Saddam is guilty.

However she did not deny that there are elements that make the trial somewhat illegitimate. One is that the Americans are the ones who wrote the first copy of the statute. Giving the US a dominant role. This leads some to believe that it was written to further US interests. This becomes obvious when you read in the statute that only Iraqis who commited crimes will be tried. Usually in statutes it would say that any crimes committed in this region during a certain period would be taken to court. However the Americans made sure that it said only Iraqis were to be punished for any crimes commited in Iraq during Saddams rule.

It is important to mention that because of the death penalty there is no International involvement in the trial. Therefore making it totally in the control of the Americans. The American government pays for the trial and they are the ones who did all the training and the workshops for the judges and the lawyers.

Beth concluded by saying that the statutes must be amended. Generally she thinks that the US should have never gone to war. Now that they have, they made many mistakes that dug them deeper and deeper. At the present time there are no good options in her opinion. Instead there are a series of bad options and the US must try to choose the best of bad options, which is to withdraw. This is humpty dumpty, and it will not be put back together again, she said. The future is filled with gloom and doom, where her final words.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Who should we invade next???

Listen to the answers of some Americans here

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Disrupting the Demographic Makeup

As I was reading the Iraqi constitution I came across Article 18:

5th -- Iraqi citizenship may not be granted for the purposes of a policy of population settlement disrupting the demographic makeup in Iraq.

Thats exactly what Hamad is doing, trying to disrupt the demographic makeup in Bahrain. At first when I heard this I couldn't believe it. But then I saw the facts that supported this, and I saw the tape of Saudis talking about how easily they got the Bahraini citizenship. Evidently, a Shia majority in Bahrain is not in the interest of the Sunni government.

It took the Bahrainis of Iranian origin forever to get their citizenship, some still don't have it.
And others who were in exile lived without citizenship for years. I personally didn't have a citizenship or a passport until I was 18.

Getting a citizenship should be about being Bahraini, not about the kings interests. But it seems that as long as we are a monarchy under the dictator Hamad, its always going to be about the kings interest!

Brainwashed young Americans!

I found this tape on It shows a group of some young Americans who support the war in Iraq.

Her sign says "Kick their ass and take their gas"

The keyword here: BRAINWASHED!
The other option would be: Evil.

Would she repeat the words on her sign if she sees pictures of dead Iraqi children?

A few with the courage to speak out...

"Wealth governs this country! And wealth uses military violence to control the rest of the world as best it can! And we’re responsible! And we will pay the price for it!”

"As appalling as what we’ve done and what we’ve threatened to Iraq, the worst violence that all of our technology could unleash and then the strangulation of the sanctions, the thing we have to realize is, it’s what our government leadership has been doing all along. It is not terribly different than how we addressed the folks that were here to meet the Mayflower standing on the dock. The North American aboriginal peoples, the Indians as we call them.

A long steady course of destruction of those peoples. It is not terribly different than what we did to the slaves that were brought over in chains from Africa, those that survived the transit, which wasn’t easy. You look in our history books, you don’t read about a Philippine-American War, you read the Philippine history books and they know about the Philippine-American War. We call it the Spanish American War. We were liberating the Filipinos! We killed more than a million. Now we are bragging about the covert actions we are going to engage in against Iraq."

-Former US attorney General, Ramsey Clark

Meen Erhabi? Who's the terrorist?

Who's the terrorist?
I'm the terrorist?!
How am I the terrorist when you've taken my land?
Who's the terrorist?
You're the terrorist!

Your countless raping of the Arabs’ soul
Finally impregnated it
Gave birth to your child
His name: Suicide Bomber

This is a song by a Palestinian group: DAM (Blood)
watch and listen to it here

The song is in arabic but there is an English translation.

Its starts out with this quote:

"We’ve had 50 years of assault on Palestinian rights.
I think they are the most terrorized… at least with the Iraqi people…. They’re the most terrorized people on earth… and have been for so many years

Practically every Palestinian lives in constant harassment, threat of violence, humiliation,

It’s been that way for a long long time
…." -Former US attorney General, Ramsey Clark

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


No Support for Bush

28% of Americans think the president is doing a good job...

28%! When it was 50% people were surprised. And now its 28%.

I got this number from an article in Aljazeera. The same article also quoted an editorial in The Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

President Bush and those around him lied, and the rest of us let him. Harsh? Yes. True? Also yes.

Americans are pissed and they are not supporting their president anymore. When the Vietnam war was won, the victors said "We won the war on two fronts, here in Vietnam. And in the US because of American support"

So is there gonna be enough pressure to make Bush end the war? Although it is too late, but better late than never.

Monday, October 17, 2005

"Dude, Where's My Country?"

Its midterm break and it seems like there is no1 on campus. I am one of the few international students who cant afford to go home for a week, simply because our homes are half way round the world. I am not complaining for this gives me alot of time to read, and what did I start with, well "Dude, where's my country" By Michael Moore. If you're anywhere near my floor you would hear my laughter. I really liked the book and I didn't stop reading except to go eat french fries for fa6oor. Now that I am done I have to quote some of it, but I think everyone should read this book. It doesn't just have good information but is actually a lot of fun.

The laughing starts from the very first page when you see the letter that is suposedly issued by the US Department of Homeland Security. "FREEZE! DROP THE BOOK! HANDS IN THE AIR! YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO ... SCREW IT! YOU DONT HAVE ANY RIGHTS!!"

In the first chapter Moore explains what the US-approved Saudi Arabian model of good government is = stronghand oppression while giving the west what it needed. When reading this first chapter there are many eye openers. I mean seriously I scribbled all over the margins "DAMN! NOWAY! MA2SAAA" You will find out what kinds of things the Americans had planned in Afghansitan and what prevented it, in all details.

In the second chapter Michael brings to light all the lies told by the Bush administration. But his style differs from other writers, as usual. Michael says these lies are like Whoppers, and then he lists all the lies as whoppers. One with cheese, and one with french fries and so on. If you read one chapter out of this book it should be chapter 2.

"George W. Bush likes his whoppers, too. His are Huge. Texas-sized. ... ANd the American people gobble them up. One whopper after another." (p43)

" There were never any chemical or biological weapons - other than the ones we gave Saddam in the 1980's, the ones he used on the Kurds and the ones he used on the Iranians ..." (p48)

"But the United States never gave a rats ass about how badly Saddam the dictator treated his own people. ... In fact we like dictators! They help us get what we want..." (page58)

Michael totally makes fun of the freedom fries thing, commenting that, by the way, french fries are not even French, they are Belgian. HAHA

When talking about the coalition fo the willing, Michael renames them "The Coalition of the Coerced, Bribed and Intimidated" (p73)

One of the lies listed under Junior whopper kids Meal is that the American gov. is doing everything they can to avoid the loss of civilian lives.

"The pentagon brags about how ... no civilians need die. Tell that to the family of Razek al-Kazem al-Khafaji, who lost his wife, six children, his father, his mother and two brothers in one attack. "God take our revenge on America," he wailed to reporters amid the rubble and body parts. Wow, what an ingrate!" This book is filled with Moores sarcastic comments.

In the United States of Boo (ch. 4), Michael deals with fear in American society. "Irrational fear" he states "is a killer". The patriot act is as un-American as Mein Kampf" (p104)

"September 11 is now the answer. ... Want a new waepons system? Have to have it! Why? Well...9/11! Want to relax the pollution laws? Its a must! Why? 9/11! Want to outlaw abortion? Absolutely! Why? 9/11! What does 9/11 have to do with abortion? Hey, why are you questioning the government? Someone call the FBI!" (p. 113)

HAHA I really laughed at that one

WHy dont we define Osama as multi millionaire? the author asks. Instead of defining him as an arab and a Muslim.

"Instead of rounding up suspicious Arabs, why dont we say, "Oh my God, a multi-millionaire killed 3,000 people! Round up the multi-millionaires! Throw them all in jail! No charges! No Trials! Deport the millionaires!" (p.116) hehe Gotta love Michael Moore. :)

Chapter 6 is a letter from God:
" Lets get this straight - God dont't bless America, God dont bless anyone. Go bless yourselves and quit using my name as a justification for feeling superior to everyone else. You arn't. (p134-135)

Michael nominates Oprah Winfrey for next president. Amongst other things, Moore points out that "she'd get us all reading a book a month! ("Good evening. This is your president. This month we are all going to read...")" (p207)

You hafta read this book, I've never read a book about politics that is so entertaining. It's good I got my own copy. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mohammed Redha

My brothers: Mohammed Redha and Hussain

Have you ever had the feeling that everything is going as planned, and its all routine, and it will be that way for a long time?? I had that feeling this week, and everytime you get that feeling something happens. SOmething shocking.

When me and my family lived in Denmark there were other Bahraini families in exile. One of those families was bait abu Ayat. For all my life those families were my relatives. Abu Ayat and Um Ayat are my aunt and uncle, there kids are like my brothers. We met at least once a week, we celebrated all the occasions together. and I remember the many days I slept over at their house.

I always think of their youngest son, Mohammed Redha as a kid. Even after we came to Bahrain, and they became our neighbors, I still thought of him as my little brother. He was 16 but to me he will always be a 6 year old. I used to tease him when we chatted on the msn, and when I met him by the parking he would always tell me whats going on with him. Either that he can drive, or that he is leaving to go study in denmark.

He did go, and two days ago, I got the news that my little brother Mohammed passed away. His brother had made Fa6oor and was waiting for him at home. Mohammed Redha was on the bus and he fell. He died of a heart attack. Mohammed is 16 years old, he didn't have any medical history. A fun sweet and innocent boy.

I couldn't accept that, I still can't.

Mohammed Redha, we all love you and we will miss you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005



Man I hate when this happens. Since Ramadan started I havn't slept well. We always stay up, the small arab minority, we eat sa7oor and watch a movie or something. Then we go to sleep at 3am and sometimes later.

But whats worse is that I woke up "late" today and started running all around the room, changing and brushing and everything. 8:50 I got outa the room and prepared to start running to class. Until I looked at my watch and realized that its 7:50. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH

I have a presentation today and I'm gonna look something like this. I just hope I dont sleep during the presentation.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Tossing pebbles

Check out Philip Robinson's blog ( , he is a Canadian Unitarian minister who lives alone on the edge of the Temagami Wilderness. This is a picture of a stream by his cabin.

This is what he says about his blog:

"This blog is my place to sit and toss pebbles into the stream. The stream of Life relentlessly passing before us. We can affect it little. For the most part I just watch it passing and follow the flow. Occasionally, I need to comment on its passing, tossing a pebble at it to enjoy the ripple affect upon Life's surface. "

I would like to think that as individuals we are more powerful, and could have more effect on life than the ripple effect of a pebble. But Phillip puts this very beautifully and I found his blog to be very interesting.

Good luck with your blog Phil

Write a speech for Bush

I just found this site, its alot of fun. You write a speech for Bush and then hear him say it. I enjoyed it, I hope you do too. :)
click me

A future US president

After eating our fa6oor me and some of the guys usually go and hang out at the Java Joint, which is kinda like a student coffee house. As we were sitting there drinking our tea a guy came in who looked like a younger Abe. Seriosly he even had a little beard and everything. My friends told me that this guy could draw the map of the whole world of the top of his head. I didn't believe it so I had to go ask.

He seemed very happy to show off his talent and asked me

"Do you want the whole world or a specific region?"
Ofcourse I told him "the Perisan Gulf."

He started drawing staright away. A very detailed map, I was amazed. After he was done he asked me where I am form, when I said Bahrain, he pointed it out on the map and asked casually "Manama?"

I looked around me and a small group had gathered to take a look, some1 asked him why he doesn't work for the CIA, and he said, just as casually "I'm gonna become president", To me that meant ENTERTAINMENT. SO I was the first to ask "WHats your foreign policy Mister president?"

"I will first of all issue apologies, an apology to Iraq, and an apology to Iran and to Afghanistan. I would let the arabs get rid of their monarchies, and then they can be a big Arabia. with no borders" As he said this he started erasing the borders he had drawn on his map. Making all the gulf one country and writing ARABIA in the middle. "And also I would treat the zionists and the Palestinians equally. I would rather not sell weapons at all, but if I do I would sell an equal amount to both"

"Man you'll never be president, the zionist lobby will make sure of it".
"No dont worry, I'm half Jewish, they wont know, I'll make fake promises then when I'm president, things will go my way"

hmmmmm, the guy has everything planned out. I started liking the map he was making with the new world he would help create. He went on to give chechnya independence and the kurds. Making borders wherever he saw fit and erasing the borders he didn't think are necessary.

Before I left this guy he signed his map handed it to me and said, "when I'm president you can come and visit me in the white house" :)

Come on guys don't be pessimists, after all he does look like Lincoln :p

Friday, October 07, 2005


We are starving for some good food here, last night my fa6oor was a salad, I wonder what the cafeteria will have tonight. I really miss my mamas cooking. Thats why we will go to Chicago next weekend to find some Arab places to eat and by food for the rest of Ramadan. Not that it will taste as good as my mums cooking, but its the next best thing.

This is a picture taken on my last trip to Chicago, we were in a market when these guyz came up and started drumming. It was really fantastic. When I first heard it I wouldn't have believed those were their instruments. I wish I had a Video of it...

The Wefaq Vote

As everybody probably knows by now, the results of the votes are out and its a yes. This issue is very controversial and is being debated by many people. Mahmood and I have also been discussing this in the comments on his blog. Here it goes:

I dont think this is the right move, to register under a law that is against basic human rights. If Wefaq had stood against it then maybe something could have been done. But accpeting it and registering under it will just make them the new MP's who cant do anythign to help themselves let alone help the people in Bahrain.
I wish I am wrong and that they are able to do something for the people.
Otherwise they will be the new disappointment, in the line of many many disappointments.
Zainab Alkhawaja

There is some measure of truth in what you say. The constitution and the parliamentary bylaws are not the best the world has seen, and they certainly are lacking as far as the normal Bahraini is concerned, however it has been amply proven over the last 3 years that (1) parliament does have a voice, (2) working on the sidelines produces nothing but noise, and (3) the only method available that can correct the bylaws and constitution is through peaceful pressure from within the system.
The alternative is civil war, which is no one's interest.
Given the above, the vote to register - which I hope is the precursor for the boycotters to enter the parliamentary elections come 2006 - is the correct path to tread.
Now that they have democratically chosen to register, they should not sit on their laurels, but continue to pressure the government in changing if not the constitutions, at least the demarcation of the constituencies, limit the role of the Shura council or its membership numbers, and work out a cohesive battle-plan to guarantee that they get as many seats as possible (observers say they can win anything between 14 to 18 seats in the 40 seat Chamber of Representatives, which is a sizable majority that can truly affect the way laws and regulations are forged and passed.
Taking your way just allows the country to descend into chaos much more than we have seen in the 70s to the 90s.
I choose the path of participate and resist from within the establishment.

Allow me to disagree with you yet again. Until now we have seen that everyone who says they will work form within the system fail to do so. It is very simple why they fail, the rules they are agreeing to abide by ensure their failure. For these laws give the government the right to dispose of them the minute they find that they are not serving its interest.
Secondly most changes in the world happen by the people who protest without being involved in the government. For if the viewer doesn't like the movie and cannot change the events.... he sure as hell can change the channel..... for he has the remote!
Zainab Alkhawaja

You're really sold into this "revolution" bit aren't you?
Did you not stop and think of the chaos that would ensue should your version of "change" come to be? Do you not value stability or gradual change at least?
I, like the majority of Bahraini citizens are actually happy enough with this channel but we do agree that the programming needs to be modernised and its operators held accountable by the people.

how long are you going to accept Mahmood?? How long are you willing to live under a government who has no rights to rule. Nobody chose this government, they killed and stole to get the power they have.
Sometimes making changes takes sacrifice, if you do not want to make that sacrifice then your children and their children will live in the world you are living in. DO you want them to accept it as well. The government wont give anything unless it is forced to do so.
As an Arab I will never forget about the occupied territory of Palestine and I will never accept the zionist rule, and in the same way as a Bahraini I will never forget how the ALkhalifas took power and what they did to my country.
I will not be one of those people who put my hand in the hand of criminals, who detained and tortured and killed my people. And I am sorry but I do not value stability more than freedom.
Zainab Alkhawaja

Post your opinion on this issue...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Trip To Madison

The new face of Bahrain??!

When me and my fiance Wafi realized how bored we would be by staying on Campus in Beloit, we decided to rent a car and travel around. Beloit by the way is what we call "The Village", if you have seen the movie you would know what I mean. There is nothing here, except a Walmart a Macdonalds and a shoestore. Or at least thats what it feels like :p

Anyway one of the places we went to was Madison, it was very nice there. We found an arabic restaurant, we went in as fast as we could and ordered. For some reason all the arab restaurants I have been to in America have only halal lamb. I dont know what the secret is but thats always the answer. "Is your meat halal?"... "Only the lamb."

But whats even more funny is that when we were driving to the Oregon Coast, we stopped by a fast food place and my Jordanian friend insisted that this fast food place was owned by a muslim and they have halal meat. So she went ahead and asked "Is you meat halal", the girl looked at her blankly... so my freind continued "Is your meat Kosher". The answer was "No ma'am its grilled". The minute we were out of that door we exploded with laughter.

Anyway back to Madison, when we left the restaurant we met a group of men who said hello. Not surprisingly their first question was "where are you guys from?" I said "Bahrain" and took a deep breath to start explaining where that is. As usual thinking, how can I explain it without mentioning Saudi Arabia. To my surprise one guy said "OHHHHHHHHH Bahrain". I was amazed....
"You KNOW Bahrain??"
"Really??" I was still in shock
"Yes, thats where Michael Jackson is, isn't it"

That was really a slap in the face, thats all he knows about Bahrain....

I came across global souls blog where she said :

"I guess now the new F1 circuit should make Bahrain more recognizable. However, just to set the record straight, I have to say that neither Shakira’s song, nor the runaway princess, nor F1 which are all true “phenomena” are accurate depictions of Bahrain."

I would like to add Michael Jackson to that list!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jewish Fundamentalists

Everyone is always talking about Muslim Fundamentalists. Actually most people think that these two words go together now. Maybe we need to make them into one word since they are so inseperable... musfundi or something. That will make it much easier for everyone.

While the musfundi's are mentioned EVERYWHERE, the Jewish fundamentlists are unknown to the world. I am writing a paper on "israeli" Fundamentalists and I read things that I couldn't even believe. I mean as a highschool student I used to scrible on all my papers "Zionism = Nazism" but I never thought that they had this much in common.

So there is this group called the Gush, and they have alot of power and control in the occupied territory. This group believes that Jews are the chosen people, yeah I know you all know that. But did you know that they believe that Jews were made as an end in themselves, but everybody and everything else was made for them. The Jews are Gods partners and they are physically different than the rest of us. Their bodies are different and they have different blood. The Jewish blood is sacred. Because of that they can kill Palestinians but they as jews should not be killed.

They also believe that if they are powerful on earth, that makes God happy, and if they are weakened then that is failing God. And therefore they have to be powerful to glorify God. They say that for the time being Palestinians can live on the occupied land but only if they accept that they are inferior, otherwise they should be killed.

Their aim is that Zionists must continue settling until they have control over "Eretz Israel" which extends from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan River. They also oppose any peace negotiations, Yitzhak Rabin was killed by one of them (not that we mind). Furthermore they do not believe in democracy and they see the current government as illegitimate, they want a Jewish theocracy.

If you want more information read "Jewish Fundamentalism in "israel"" by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky. The authors are jews, they say in the preface "This book is a jouney of understanding - often painful, often dreary, often disturbing - for us as Jews"

Wake up!

Are the days of Arab Nationalism over??

Every time I mention Arabs being united I realize that poeple think of it as a failed experiment. One response was "leave it in the past". Another was by my Politics prof. "those days are gone". It seems that because the representatives of Arab nationalism in the past were loosers who went down and took the arabs down with them that the whole idea is gone forever.

Every politics class the "arab humiliation" is mentioned, we sit there and we are humiliated. Especially that there are Zionists in our class. Whenever the prof. starts talking about the arabs, I always seem to be looking down at my table. Come on seriously have we done anything to be proud of in the last... say 50 years at least??

We were divided and occupied by the French and the British, when they were having trouble back home they handed us to arab allies of theirs. Those allies became our new masters, the people still being slaves. And then its the Americans turn. Until today we are still living under "democtaric" kings, or fake "presidents"(Yemen) Until today we are still colonies, except now we can be proud to call ourselves "neo-colonies".

Is it true that we have been slaves for so long that we will no longer demnad our rights? That the people will not be united in a revolution someday that will bring us back our honour. I do not think arabs are superior to anybody else, and I am against that kind of nationalism. However I am totally against the arab populations being in such a pathetic situation. Not only do we not help ourselves but we help our enemies!

Not only did we fail to protect Palestine, but we welcome the American fifth fleet into our land. When will we wake up, if ever? When will poeple have hope instead of humiliation in their chests?


Since I came here I got back into my old habit that i used to have in Denmark. And thats crossing out Israel on all the maps in my book and writing Palestine. It might be silly but seeing Israel written on the occupied territory makes me want to explode.

Moreover, if I am talking to someone and they say Israel I would get offended. In my discussions I talk about the occupied territory of Palestine, inhabited by zionists.

I will not accept Israel as a state because it is not a legitmate one. And once we accept it we might as well not fight for our land that was taken by the zionists.

Today i was talking to a Palestinian student here and he made me reach a dead end where there is no hope whatsoever. He was telling me to accept Israel because there is no hope of us getting that land back. I was shocked that he would say something like that.

Z. "Come on, the arabs will rise soon, and then we will free Palestine"

P. "The Arabs... HA. what do you think it will take for them to rise???"

Z. "Well there will be a revolution, we will get rid of our bad governments and then we will fight the zionists"

P. "We said the same, Zainab come on! We have intifadas in Palestine and the arabs... they march. They march around the block and then they go home. We finally accepted that no arabs are going to fight for Palestine. When the Americans invaded Iraq, thats when we were hopeful again. We said Now... Now the arabs will rise. Finally. But they did not. Dont talk of arabs, the arabs are on their knees and they wont stand up. If they were going to, now would be the time, the Palestinians are being killed, look what happened to the Iraqis.
the Arabs are known for their generosity though, they welcomed American fleets into their countries.

Z. "Come on, there is hope You think it will just go on like this?"

P. "It has been going on for a very long time and the arabs are used to it."

Yes what he said is logical but I refuse to give up hope, and to me there is no Israel on the map. As for the occupied territory, we will take it back.