Friday, December 30, 2005

Risk from Mobiles

Advice to all mobile users: It is preferable that you use the mobile on your left ear, because if you use it on the right ear there is direct damage to the brain.

(In case there are Americans reading this: mobile = cell phone :p)

A Detainee in Danger

After the airport incident, and the tragic breaking of the glass of course, 4 people were arrested. More protesters went to protest the arrest and beating of these detainees. This time not in the airport. More people were beaten up and arrested. Making them alltogether 15 detianees now. One of the datainees is Mohammed Abdulla Alsingais.

The riot police broke his leg while beating him up in the demonstration, then he got arrested. Last night his family was allowed a visit and they were shocked when they saw their son covered in blood, his face swollen, and ofcourse his leg broken. He could not speak much, but his family asked the police if they could take him to the hospital and they were denied.

There are reports that say Mohammed was taken to the hospital this morning but now he has disappeared and his family don't know where he is. They were told he was taken to Alhoora prison but when they went there they were told that he was never taken there.

Mohammeds family fear for their sons life.

As for the bloggers who replied to my last post, this post is not for you. After all, glass and tourist impressions are much more important than your fellow Bahraini brothers being tortured and arrested.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What bothers you more??

I want to ask all the bloggers.... what bothers you more...
the broken glass doors in the airport ...... or this?

Monday, December 26, 2005

What was NOT in the newspapers

Shouldn't we ask why all these people came to the airport?
And why is this old woman is angry at the police?

These pictures were not in our newspapers.

It was not surprising what the Bahraini newspapers chose to publish this day about what happened in the airport. SHeikh Sanad was arrested at the aorport because he said that there must be a public poll taken on the legitimacy of the Bahraini Government in Bahrain. THe Bahraini government considered this as "inciting hatred against the government" which as I remember was one of the sentences usually used against my father as well.

After the arrest people went to the airport to find out what happened to the sheikh and to demand his release. There was a big crowd but no violence, people were just waiting to see what happened. Until the riot police came and attacked the peaceful protesters. Eye witnesses say that a pregnant woman was amongst those who got beaten up. The riot police attacked not only with thier clubs on the protesters backs. But they also used tear gas and rubber bullets. Most people started running outside trying to escape, while some stayed and fought back.

Now, I am against violence and I think that even when beaten up the protesters shouldn't retaliate. However, why don't our newspapers, for once, tell the story like it is. Even Alwasat only published the governments statement. That is not how a "free media" works. It is very clear that if one wants to know the truth, the Bahraini newspapers is the last place to look.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


(left)Dressed up as a torturer. There is evidence and pictures to prove that these instruments were used on many detainees, in the 90's.

(right) Where is Justice. On one side it says "Martyrs blood" and on the other it says "The oppressor"

There was a demonstration today in memory of our martyrs. It is easy for somebody who did not suffer to ask for all this to be forgotten. But to start clean these people have to be recognized, what they went through must be condemned. And the criminals who are responsible must pay the price for their crimes. That is the only way this wound would heal.

National Day

Yes today is our National Day, today we celebrate the sacrifices our people have made for our country. Afterall what is a national day?? Is it the day we celebrate "aljolous", is it the day we celebrate that the British occupiers decided to give our country to the Bedoiun tribe that were the other occupiers.

History is important, you don't just try to forget it and hope for the best. Instead we should all know our history well and learn from it. The Alkhalifas are a tribe that was in a war with the Bahraini people and defeated us and then occupied the country. This is not something I want to celebrate. We are not independent but someday we will get our independence. Until we do however, our national day will be to thank those who lost their lives for Bahrain.

I will never celebrate the fact that a dictator sat on his throne as the day of our independence.
Instead I will salute our Bahraini martyrs.

Friday, December 16, 2005


"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." Mark Twain

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Urgent Appeal

A group of Human Rights activists went to The United Nations building in Bahrain to protect themselves from the continuous harassments of the government but the Head of the United Nations office in Bahrain, Mr. Alloush, considered this an invasion of a governmental building and called for security forces to remove them by force.

We request from the Human Rights Organizations to interfere and send an urgent appeal to Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to prevent Mr. Alloush from calling for the security forces for they will bein grave danger should the forces attack while they are inside.

The Activists inside the building:
1. Abdulhadi AlKhawaja – President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR)
2. AbdulRaof Alshayeb – National Committee of Martyrs and Victims of Torture
3. Layla Dashti – HR Activist
4. Hassan AbdulNabi – Unemployed Committee
5. Mohsin AlSalman – Unemployed Committee
6. Sayyed Sharaf Elsitri - Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights(BYSHR)
7. Hassan AlHaddad – HR Activist
8. AbdulRedha Abdulla – HR Activist
9. Nader Ibrahim – HR Activist

It should be noted that this is the 15th day that Abdulhadi Alkhawaja is on hunger strike and he was taken to the hospital today where he was told that his heart rate has gone down and his blood pressure is low.

Monday, December 05, 2005

A picture = 1000 words

A very powerful picture of the riot police stopping the second walk of the supporters of Moosa AbdAli.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

No Bags of Rocks

The second walk did take place today. However, this time the government decided to use force. Abdulhadi and the group with him were surrounded and they were beaten up. Abdulhadi decided to continue his walk anyway, so he was arrested. After an hour of his arrest he was released but with a fractured shoulder.

That is the price of freedom of speech in our beloved country.

Violence by the demonstrators: None. No bags of rocks or anything. Makes it difficult to blame the demonstrators doesn't it?


I recieved an email today from a person who wanted to let me know that he thinks I am biased in my opinions regarding the latest issues in Bahrain. His arguments were not new to me. Especially the classic view of reffering to the protesters as "thugs" to use his word.

Anyway what interested me more than all of this was his very first question in the email: "why you do not allow anonymous to post comments?"

I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe in the responsibility that comes with it. I realize that sometimes safety is an issue, but in my personal opinion people should take some responsibility for what they say. That is why I choose to write under my name and not a nickname.

And frankly it gets on my nerves when during discussions on other blogs some "anon" people come in and make a comment and get away with it. Because they don't have to defend what they say, they can just post anything. Furthermore, arguments in which the authors are responsible for what they say tend to be of much higher standard. That is why I respect a person like Mahmood (who I disagree with on nearly everything) more than an anon person who would agree with me.

So until I am convinced otherwise, my blog will be anti-anon.
I admit, This is not an anon-friendly blog.


Do you hate Bush? If yes keep reading....

This is totally wrong timing for this, especially that I am really worried about what is happening in Bahrain. But only one thing could get my mind of all the trouble. At least for 5 minutes that is. After that I felt somewhat guilty, even though it is Bush. Check it out!! :D And dont just watch, use your mouse.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Walk of Dignity and Honor

The walk of dignity and honor will take place today. Inshalla it will be as succesful and peaceful as the last one. Hopefully the government will be wise and wouldn't provoke more violence.

The Walk of Support

With a few supporters the walk begins
More people join
The picture speaks for itself
Abdulhadi gives his speech outside Moosa's house

Today at three Abdulhadi Alkhawaja started his walk of pride and appreciation of Moosa Abd ALi. He started walking from Daih and his final destination was Moosa's house in 3ekr. In the same morning Abdulhadi had arrived from Egypt, a trip which he had cut short after hearing of the news.

As he walked and passed through different villages Abdulhadi was joined by others who wished to show their support of Moosa. About 3 hours later when they reached Moosa's house they were more than 4000 supporters. At this point Abdulhadi gave a short speech where he said that "we are against violence, and we don't need to be violent". He stressed on unity, and ended his talk by saying that "Moosa is a symbol of all the oppressed"
Abdulhadi will continue his hunger strike, and tomorrow he will walk to the Royal Court.
For more pics click here
To watch a video of the event (with an interesting choice of music) click here

Human Rights Week

The latest events in Bahrain have really started to look like the 90's., as the Aljazeera reporter stated. 15 people were arrested and released, police cars have been burnt, people are in and out of hospitals, and some streets are closed.

This poster lists the events of the Human Rights week that has been planned. All this is happening at a very significant time, the 10th of December is Human Rights day, and the 17th is the day of martyrs in Bahrain. As a freind reminded me we have gone through much more difficult times.

Yes this country did sacrifice people in its call for freedom and democracy, and until this very day we are sacrficing.

All my respect for my Brother Moosa AbdAli.