Friday, December 30, 2005

A Detainee in Danger

After the airport incident, and the tragic breaking of the glass of course, 4 people were arrested. More protesters went to protest the arrest and beating of these detainees. This time not in the airport. More people were beaten up and arrested. Making them alltogether 15 detianees now. One of the datainees is Mohammed Abdulla Alsingais.

The riot police broke his leg while beating him up in the demonstration, then he got arrested. Last night his family was allowed a visit and they were shocked when they saw their son covered in blood, his face swollen, and ofcourse his leg broken. He could not speak much, but his family asked the police if they could take him to the hospital and they were denied.

There are reports that say Mohammed was taken to the hospital this morning but now he has disappeared and his family don't know where he is. They were told he was taken to Alhoora prison but when they went there they were told that he was never taken there.

Mohammeds family fear for their sons life.

As for the bloggers who replied to my last post, this post is not for you. After all, glass and tourist impressions are much more important than your fellow Bahraini brothers being tortured and arrested.


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