Monday, January 16, 2006

Action in London

I spent my christmas break in UK, 10 days of which I was in London. While I was there I met Moosa Abdali (the guy who was sexually assaulted by the Bahraini police). We heard of the demonstrations taking place in Bahrain and the protesters that were being held in detention and facing trials, so we decided to take action in London. It wasn't much but the main purpose was to support those people who get beaten up and go to prison for going on demonstrations, and to protest against the crimes of the goverenment.

First we went to Hyde Park, Speakers corner where we talked to people about human rights abuses in Bahrain. Ali Mshaime3 joined us to speak in Arabic. To my surprise there were many people who were very interested in the situation, and we had very long discussions about Bahrain in particular and the Gulf region in general.

Next we held a small protest infront of the Bahraini Embassy in London. For two hours the group that had come to protest shouted slogans like "Free our Hostages" and "We want democracy in Bahrain". Reports on human rights abuses in Bahrain were also distributed.

Finally we visited 5 different human rights organizations who have offices in London. We spoke to them and handed over the reports on the latest abuses in Bahrain. They were very cooperative and promised to do what they can to help.

I really hope that the day will come when every Bahraini has the right to speak his mind without risking his health and freedom.