Monday, June 19, 2006

"The Prisoners: Criminals or Victims??"

It is said that today there are almost 60 political prisoners in Bahrain.

Many of them have been charged with participating in an illegal gathering. According to Bahraini law, any gathering of more than five people in a public place without a permit is considered illegal and is punishable by law (upto 2 yrs imprisonment).

In the press, these prisoners have been shown as criminals. But do you think it is wise to depend only on the Bahraini press for information on this issue??

Do you want to know more???

"The Prisoners: Criminals or Victims??"
Organized by: The Committee of the Prisoners Families
Place: Al-Sadeq mosque (near Al-Salmaniya roundabout)
Date: Wed. 21st June
Time: 8pm

A documentary about the incidents which lead to the arrests will be shown. You will get a chance to see what really happened in the airport and Dana mall.

In addition there will be some speakers, including Hassan Mshaime3, and the mother of one of the prisoners.

Come to the seminar,
hear the other side of the story,
and have an informed opinion.


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